IMF to Monitor El Salvador’s BTC Habits Closely For Risks

• The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has expressed concern over El Salvador’s decision to declare Bitcoin legal tender.
• The IMF is worried about the potential risks and speculative nature of the cryptocurrency market in El Salvador.
• Despite this, the IMF will be carefully monitoring the situation and its effects on the country.

El Salvador Adopts Bitcoin as Legal Tender

In September 2021, El Salvador became the first nation in the world to declare Bitcoin legal tender. This means that all businesses in the country were required to accept it alongside USD for transactions.

The International Monetary Fund’s Concerns

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has expressed concerns over El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin. They have warned of potential risks involved with using a largely speculative asset such as Bitcoin, and cautioned against expanding government exposure to it. Furthermore, they have predicted that tokenized bonds based on Bitcoin could emerge in coming months due to the strict implementation of BTC use in El Salvador.

Price Fluctuations

Since declaring it legal tender, BTC prices have fluctuated dramatically – going from an all-time high of around $68,000 per unit two months later to around $21,000 at present time. This has caused some financial difficulties for El Salvador despite them standing on their own two feet before adopting BTC as legal tender.

IMF Will Monitor Closely

Despite its warnings and disagreements with El Salvador’s adoption of BTC, the IMF has stated that they will keep a close eye on how this impacts both economy and citizens of El Salvador moving forward – noting that so far nothing untoward has occurred but that transparency is still necessary for such a bold move by a small nation like El Salavador.


El Salvador’s decision to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender was met with much skepticism from organizations like the IMF and World Bank who cautioned against its use due to its largely speculative nature and potential risks attached with it. Nevertheless, given that no major repercussions have occurred yet, the IMF is closely monitoring events in order to assess any further developments or changes which may come about due to this bold move by such a small nation like El Salavador .