Crypto Whales Stock Up on Altcoins: Get Ready to Make Big Gains!

• Crypto whales are stocking up on altcoins that have long-term gains and low market caps.
• Investors often look for coins that offer 10x return or more due to the high entry price of Bitcoin.
• Meta Masters Guild is one such project with a presale raising over $1.42 million, expected to increase the token’s price even further when it launches on exchanges.

Why Are Crypto Whales Stocking Up On Altcoins?

Crypto whales are investing in altcoins because they provide potential long-term gains, as well as a low market cap and minimal entry price. This allows investors to acquire a significant chunk of a project for relatively less capital, which can lead to outsized returns. Retail investors also benefit from these coins, as they often offer at least 10x return – and sometimes even more than 100x.

What Is Meta Masters Guild?

Meta Masters Guild is a play-to-earn gaming platform that raised over $1.42 million in its presale, with seven stages in total. As part of this presale, the cost of one MEMAG token will increase from $0.013 to $0.0235 by the fourth stage – but it’s expected that the price will continue rising even further once it launches on exchanges and gains more users. The platform plans to launch several mobile-based games in Q3 this year, with the presale ending with one MEMAG token costing $0.023 – representing an overall 76.9% increase in value from its original cost at the start of the sale period.

How Do Altcoins Benefit Investors?

Altcoins enable investors to make outsized returns due to their low market cap and minimal entry price – allowing them to acquire a large chunk of a project for less capital compared to flagship coins like Bitcoin which has a much higher entry price and larger market cap making it difficult for people today to make exponential gains with it alone.. Furthermore, retail investors are excited about these coins as they often offer at least 10x return – if not more – giving them an opportunity for greater profits than what traditional coins can provide them with.

When Will Meta Masters Guild Launch On Exchanges?

Meta Masters Guild plans on launching its range of mobile-based games in Q3 this year, while its presale will end with one MEMAG token costing $0