Crypto Revolution: Get Ready for a Crypto Revolution!

• This article discusses the current instability of the crypto industry and why now is not a good time to introduce regulation.
• It points to recent events such as the FTX bankruptcy and fraud as an indication of this instability.
• It criticizes current leaders such as Janet Yellen and Jerome Powell for their lack of competence in handling the economy, arguing that they should not be tasked with regulating the crypto space.

Current Instability of Crypto Industry

The crypto industry has been experiencing a great deal of instability due to recent events such as FTX’s bankruptcy and fraud. This has led many to argue for regulation, but it may be best to wait until more competent people are in charge before introducing any kind of regulatory oversight.

Incompetence Of Current Leaders

Those currently in charge of running countries (and ultimately, the world) have shown a level of incompetence that makes them unfit for leading regulatory efforts within the crypto space. Notable examples include Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who holds a Ph.D in economics from Yale yet still believes that inflation will fix itself, and Fed Chair Jerome Powell whose only tactic has been to hike rates with little success.

Continuing Problems Despite Rate Hikes

Powell’s rate hikes during 2022 have left many shut out from achieving their financial dreams due to unaffordable interest rates. However, these hikes have also failed to address other problems like inflation which remains an issue despite his efforts.

Wait Before Introducing Regulation

Given these facts, it is clear that those currently in power are not capable or knowledgeable enough when it comes to economic issues let alone digital currency regulation. Therefore, it might be wise for those advocating for regulation within this space to wait until more competent people are in charge before pushing forward with any form of regulatory oversight over cryptocurrencies.


Cryptocurrency faces a great number of challenges right now, making this a difficult time for introducing any sort of regulatory oversight into its marketplaces and exchanges. The incompetence displayed by individuals such as Janet Yellen and Jerome Powell further highlights why it would be best waiting until better-equipped people are put into positions of power before attempting any kind of regulation within this space.