COVID-19 Disaster Didn’t Re-limit Bitcoin – Investors More Curious Than Ever, Analysts Say

Bitcoin is now and for everyone – Never have more investors been tempted by Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptos. While the king of cryptos recently surpassed $ 13,000, a report from Grayscale tells us that now a majority of average people are considering buying cryptocurrency.

80% of BTC owners have bought it less than a year ago

The Grayscale investment fund recently published a study on „Bitcoin investors in 2020“ .

We therefore learn that interest in Bitcoin is growing strongly compared to last year. Of the 1,000 US citizens surveyed this year, 55% say they are considering investing in BTC. They were only 36% in 2019.

Another interesting metric: 83% of those who have already invested in BitQT report having done so recently , in the last 12 months at most. In more detail, we even note that 64% have invested over the last 6 months at most, despite the current pandemic .

The Covid-19 has even accelerated the shift to buying bitcoins

Among the rather surprising news that we learn from this report, we even discover that this global health crisis has motivated American investors to make their crypto-investments.

63% say they have decided to buy BTC because of the consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic.

In the end, the Grayscale study estimates that the market for potential investors in Bitcoin is now 32 million people in the United States. A nice increase compared to last year, because they were only 21 million.

One last notable and important point for the adoption of Bitcoin : respondents seem to be increasingly familiar with the invention of Satoshi Nakamoto. Eh yes ! 62% of investors said they were „familiar“ with how Bitcoin works – it was still just 53% last year alone.